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MOX fuel is manufactured from plutonium recovered from used reactor fuel. MOX fuel also provides a means of burning weapons-grade plutonium (from military sources) to produce electricity. In every nuclear reactor there is both fission of isotopes such as uranium-235, and the formation of new, heavier isotopes due to neutron capture, primarily by U-238. MOX-fuel against unauthorized proliferation and keep neutron multiplying properties of LWR core till high fuel burn-up.

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Mox fuel composition

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The present paper gives information on arrangement and performance of the BN-800 full MOX fuel core and an order of its formation. 2. Arrangement and Characteristics of the BN-800 full MOX fuel Core MOX fuel. Details of the determination of the case burnups listed in Table 1 are given in Appendix A. A basic description of the SCALE/SAS2H depletion computation is given in Appendix B. The fuel assembly design and fuel compositions for the four San Onofre MOX assemblies are presented in this section.
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Mox fuel composition

MOX fuel is not currently being produced in the U.S., but several European countries have been producing MOX fuel for more than 20 years. Their supply of plutonium is from spent nuclear fuel rather than nuclear weapons. Se hela listan på fr.wikipedia.org MOX fuel may end up costing Duke money, rather than generating fuel-cost savings. MOX is several times more expensive than conventional uranium fuel.

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1990:18 Some Estimates of the Total NuclideInventory in the

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They Spent Fuel in Sweden on Case Studies and Preliminary Model Results.

Pu). Utöver dessa pratar man om ”MOX-grade” som innehåller >30% 240Pu, samt en. However, because they are nuclear weapon states, France and Britain are not obligated to place their facilities under IAEA safeguards.